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Best Wood For Pizza Oven – Top Rated Firewood For Your Brick Oven in 2022

Best Wood For Pizza Oven – Top Rated Firewood For Your Brick Oven in 2022


Tips and Guides on how to choose the best wood for pizza oven

If you are looking for the best wood for pizza oven. This article will introduce you to some types of wood that are suitable for cooking. Pizza is the world’s most popular food, and it just got even better with these tips on what wood to use for your pizza oven firewood.

Wood provides a distinctive flavor that any other substance cannot duplicate, so make sure you get the right type of wood for your homemade pizzas! For example, applewood gives off a sweet smokey aroma, while hickory has an earthy smoky flavor.

Maple produces milder flavors than oak or mesquite, which are both heavy in smoke and spice. There are many different types of woods available; experiment to find out which one best suits your taste buds! This blog post will give you some ideas on choosing the perfect wood for your pizza oven!

What is the best wood for pizza ovens?

The type of wood for your oven will significantly depend on how you plan to use it. Each type of wood has its unique flavor profile, so that the choice may be influenced by personal taste preferences, regional availability, or cost.


Apple – is sweet-tasting with a subtle fruity aroma and makes an excellent choice for smoking poultry (especially turkey), ham, sausage, pork ribs, and cheese.

Blueberry – is distinctive in flavor; used mainly with seafood (smoked salmon), and good with poultry and game birds.

Cherry – Sweet meaty smoke flavor that is great for beef brisket or steaks & chops. Cherries were initially used in medieval times to make chermoula which is a marinade for meats.

Citrus wood – has flavors of orange, lemon, and grapefruit with a mild smoky aroma. It’s most commonly used to smoke seafood but can also be paired with poultry or pork.

Corncobs – are an economical choice for smoking because they are readily available; however, it is recommended that you soak them in water before using them. They produce a light flavor profile that works well with most foods, including beef, chicken, fish, lamb, vegetables/fruits, and cheese.

Hickory: This is one of the most popular woods for smoking because its robust and bold flavor penetrates meat quickly. It makes excellent firewood as well! Be aware that hickory can be very dense and burn hot, so it should be burned down to glowing embers—this wood pairs well with beef, pork, poultry & game birds.

Lilac – has a soft floral or lilac aroma with hints of fruit that pairs well with lamb, chicken, pork, and cheese.

Mesquite – is one of the most popular woods for grilling because the flavor enhances the food rather than overpowers it. It also lends itself to rich sauces because it burns hot and fast. Mesquite pairs well with beef, vegetables/fruits, seafood (especially shellfish), poultry & game birds.

Oak – serves as both an excellent cooking fuel (such as firewood) and provides a distinctive flavor to the food. It is a heavy, dense wood, so it’s best burned down to embers or combined with other woods such as fruitwood which gives off a smokey aroma. Pair oak with beef, lamb, poultry, pork, and game birds.

Peach – has a subtle sweet fruity flavor that works well with seafood (especially shellfish), vegetables/fruits, pork & cheese.

Pear: The pearwood produces a very mild, light smoke that pairs well with fish, lamb, chicken, and cheese.

Pecan – similar in taste to hickory but not quite as strong; can be substituted for hickory when smoking meats and flipping steaks while cooking on the grill. Pecan is excellent for smoking cheese.

Plum – has a mildly sweet fruit flavor that works well with pork, poultry, game birds, and lamb.

Walnut – also has a mild nutty flavor but can be bitter, so it should only be used sparingly. Works best with beef, pork, game birds, and cheeses.

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Top 10 Best wood for pizza oven

1. Smoak Firewood Cooking Wood Logs for pizza ovens

The best wood for pizza ovens or smokers – 100% Natural, Non-GMO, No added dyes. Make the best-tasting pizza ever! Make the best-tasting pizza ever!

Pizza wood logs for sale, ready to ship now! Available in multiple sizes and types of wood, including hickory, apple, pecan, and more! Dispatched within 24 hours of order via USPS Priority Mail with tracking number provided.

Quickly grill pizzas on your gas or charcoal grill and get great results every time with the best-tasting wood logs for pizzas.

Pizza restaurants use special ovens for cooking their pizzas. You can achieve similar results by using a pizza stone on your grill, but that takes some practice and skill to do correctly. You won’t have those problems if you just buy pizza wood logs!

It’s as simple as putting them on top of some hot coals and waiting for them to start smoking – all while you go inside and work on the dough, sauce, cheese, meat toppings, etc.

Smoak Firewood is here to offer you the most premium cooking wood on earth. Our high-quality, competition-grade logs are guaranteed not only to be safe for your grill but also to taste great!

We have a wide variety of sizes and shapes in 8-inch mini-logs or standard length 16-inch pieces, so no matter what kind of smoker/grill accessory needs one might have, we’ve got them all covered at Smoak Outfitting Company LLC.

Smoak Firewood Cooking Wood Logs. Our best wood for pizza oven is of US origin, kiln-dried, and processed in the house! We heat treat our logs above 160 degrees for 40-48 hours to create customers who will go on to be lifelong patrons of yours – experience the difference with Smoak today!


  • High-quality wood.
  • Certified USDA safe to use.
  • Create an intense flame; burn long.
  • Suitable for a variety of wood-fired ovens.


  • Slightly higher prices

2. Weber 17148 Hickory Wood Chunks for wood-fired pizza oven

Wood chunks effectively add great smoky flavor to foods on a gas grill or charcoal grill. These natural best wood for pizza oven chunks from Weber are made from 100% green hickory and measure 16 inches long by 12 inches wide by 4 inches thick.

The product includes approximately four pieces of wood per bag (2 pounds). This item is also available in a larger 14-ounce size.

It’s important to note that the equivalent amount of more minor wood chips will not equal the same cooking area coverage as these larger chunks because each chip weighs less than one-third as much as a chunk.

The advantage of these larger wood chunks is that they last longer than small chips and impart a more robust smoke flavor with less effort than more minor chips.

These larger wood chunks burn evenly throughout the cooking time, reducing or eliminating flare-ups and leaving behind only the rich hickory aroma and flavor.

These logs are kiln-dried hardwood that has been seasoned to perfection! They are suitable for both smoking & grilling meat & fish to give your food an intense smoked ham flavor!

Unlike other woods on this list, Cherrywood produces a light, mild smoky taste very similar to apple wood, making it perfect for poultry. Pork Loin, Pork Ribs, Chicken Wings, Chicken Breasts.


  • Create a rich flavor.
  • 100% made from natural wood.


  • Packaging is a bit inconvenient

3. Camerons Products Smoking Wood Chunks (Oak) for Pizza oven

This product offers a great way to add smoky flavor to all your favorite foods, from fish and poultry. Wood chunks effectively add great smoky flavor to foods on a gas grill or charcoal grill.

These natural best wood for pizza oven chunks from Camerons Products are made from 100% non-endangered hickory and measure 12 inches long by 8 inches wide by 20 inches thick. The product includes approximately four pieces of wood per bag (2 pounds).

The advantage of these larger wood chunks is that they last longer than small chips and impart a more robust smoke flavor with less effort than more minor chips.

These larger wood chunks burn evenly throughout the cooking time, reducing or eliminating flare-ups and leaving behind only the rich hickory aroma and flavor. When it comes to taste, there are no other products on this list that can compare!

Oakwood smoking chunks are a great addition to your barbeque. They add that smoky flavor and aroma you crave, without all the extra fat found in store-bought charcoal briquettes or other alternatives!

Oak has been used for cooking for over 2 million years (and counting), making it one of humanity’s oldest cooked foods on record – so don’t be surprised if this ancient material becomes an essential part of what makes up our cuisine today, too eventually.

Smokers will especially love using oak when mixing flavors such as sausages with cherry blend perfectly together.

Oakwood smoking chunks are the perfect solution for those looking to add smokiness and flavor without having all of your meat taste like burning embers. Place them on top or just under where you would typically put charcoal – either way, they’ll impart their delicate scent around each piece as it cooks up!

Plus, these little guys won’t melt during high heat cooking, so there’s no need to worry about flamers ruining things at home too.

I recommend using gas grill grates over metal surfaces when possible because this helps regulate temperature more efficiently while still getting accurate results; don’t forget that smokey smell.


  • Great for grills & smokers.
  • 100% natural wood pieces.
  • Good packaging.
  • Fast heating.
  • Has a pleasant taste.


  • Slightly higher prices.

4. Camerons Products Smoking Wood Chunks (Cherry)- Best firewood for Pizza Oven

Camerons Products are natural best wood for pizza oven chunks that are made from 100% non-endangered hickory. Each bag is 11 inches long by 8 inches wide by 20 inches thick and weighs approximately 11.28 pounds, making them a great addition to your barbeque.

Cherry Wood Smoking Chunks are perfect for adding smokiness to any meat or fish you’re cooking up on the grill without imparting too strong of a flavor!

Using cherry wood smoking chunks with charcoal will help lower the time it takes to get started grilling before you begin to cook food. It also adds less heat to your barbecue than using lighter fluid more quickly, resulting in an ideal temperature that may not be reached as quickly otherwise.

Camerons Products is the leader in Smoke Cooking Technology and the creator of great innovative grilling products.

For over 25 years, they have been all about good cooking with a focus on easy living by infusing meats indoors or outdoors via their unique method for those who don’t want pesky smoke billowing into homes when you’re trying to enjoy dinner after camping out under stars (or even just at home).

They’ve developed new ways to use wood chunks that can be added directly onto any heat source, so your food will always taste amazing no matter what!

Camerons Products is the only place you can get premium-quality barbecuing smoking wood chunks. Our all-natural, precision-cut chunky pieces are kiln dried and ready for use as soon they’re delivered straight to your door!

These beautiful BBQ flavor starters come in oak flavors perfect with poultry or beef–choose between them depending on what meat dish you want to prepare this weekend.


  • 100% natural wood pieces.
  • Gives great flavor to food.
  • Suitable for many types of ovens such as gas, coal, electric.
  • It Burns slowly, so you don’t have to worry about running out of fire quickly.


  • The scent is not as strong as other woods

5. Camerons Products Smoking Wood Chunks- (Maple) For Pizza Oven

Camerons Products are natural best wood for pizza oven chunks that are made from 100% non-endangered hickory. Each bag is 11 inches long by 8 inches wide by 20 inches thick and weighs approximately 11.28 pounds, making them a great addition to your barbeque.

Maple Wood Smoking Chunks are perfect for adding smokiness to any meat or fish you’re cooking up on the grill without imparting too strong of a flavor!

Using maple wood smoking chunks with charcoal will help lower the time it takes to get started grilling before you begin to cook food. It also adds less heat to your barbecue than using lighter fluid more quickly, resulting in an ideal temperature that may not be reached as quickly otherwise.

Camerons Products is the leader in Smoke Cooking Technology and the creator of great innovative grilling products.


  • Easily ignited.
  • Achieve the desired high temperature.
  • Give food a sweet, smoky flavor.


  • Produces more ash than other woods

6. Smoak Firewood Cooking Wood Chunks For Pizza Oven

Smoak firewood cooking the best wood for pizza oven chunks is a type of hardwood that is 100% natural and carbon neutral. The product comes in 9×9-inch pieces, ideal for smoking any kind of meat or fish you want to cook on the grill.

Chef Brad Moore developed Smoak from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada., who studied classic French cooking techniques but wanted to create a method that would bring out just as much flavor in foods without worrying about the food being too smokey.

He made Smoak Firewood Cooking Wood Chunks, an all-natural product that can be used with charcoal for grilling outdoors, adding smokiness without being overpowering.


  • Wood is cleaned and treated effectively.
  • Longer burning time.
  • USDA certified pest-free.


  • The product price is a bit high

7.Midwest Barrel Company Bourbon Barrel BBQ Smoking Wood Chunks

Midwest Barrel Company’s barreled barbecue smoking the best wood for pizza oven chunks are a great way to add smoky flavor to any meat or fish you won’t cook on the grill. In addition, they also work great for smoking pizzas in your home pizza oven!

In using bourbon barrels, Midwest Barrel Company has created a 100% natural product that is easy to use and produces fantastic results.

Their teams of experts handpick each whiskey barrel used for their products, then carefully cut it into quarters before splitting them into individual pieces of wood, which can be used with charcoal for grilling out of doors or even in your home oven!

These unique flavors result from the fact that each bourbon barrel is crafted from American white oak, carefully selected to ensure its quality, then charred to give it color and flavor.


  • Great for grilling or smoking food.
  • Each piece of wood is unique since they’re handmade.
  • Adds smoky flavor without adding any strong aftertaste.


  • Pricey compared to other brands available on the market

Does Moisture Content Affect Wood Fired Cooking?

Yes. All the best wood for pizza oven, whether it is seasoned or not, contains water. Dry woods are recommended for firewood purposes because they are easy to ignite and produce fewer creosote deposits in your chimney. Wood that has been sawed into smaller pieces will dry out more quickly than logs that have been left to season naturally.

What Type Of Wood Is Best For Firewood?

The type of wood you choose for firewood is up to you. Generally, hardwoods are preferable because they burn more efficiently than softwoods. However, there are no rules for choosing the right kind of best wood for pizza oven you need.

The most important thing about any type of firewood is that it provides heat energy while being burned efficiently enough not to waste your fuel. In other words, you want a lot of BTUs from the wood without getting too much smoke and creosote.

The best woods for burning are those that fall between the cracks in terms of their hardness and heat output: ash, oak, beech, and maple (all hardwood) and hickory and pecan (both considered “semi-hardwoods”).

What’s The Difference Between Different Kinds Of Wood?

Different kinds of best wood for pizza ovens are primarily determined by how dense they are. Thick, heavy woods like mesquite or black locust will produce more heat than less dense woods such as aspen or poplar.

Also, wood containing resins like pine will burn faster and hotter than wood that does not, such as oak. In addition to heat output, the type of wood you choose for burning in your fireplace or wood stove can make a difference in how much creosote is deposited on the inside surfaces of the flue.

For instance, hardwoods produce less creosote than softwoods like pine or spruce.

Why Is My Pizza Oven Smoking?

Your wood-fired oven is probably smoking because the fire is too hot. If your oven is masonry or a brick oven, you should shut it down and let the stone cool before trying to light a new fire, as it will crack from being exposed to extreme heat.

In an outdoor pizza oven made from metal, opening the door immediately after turning on the fire causes creosote to build up more quickly than if no attempt was made to control temperature.

You can use a wet bag of sawdust or bark as insulation on top of the chimney opening until the initial smoke stops–this lessens creosote buildup by counteracting high heat with low heat. Once this happens, begin cooking pizzas right away!

Are There Any Risk Of Fires Due To The Wood Fired Pizza Oven?

Yes. While some people have had no problems, others have reported sparking and even fires when they have opened their oven door too quickly. These sparks are more common among outdoor pizza ovens that use gas burners than those using the best wood for pizza oven or charcoal for fuel.

What Precautions Should I Take To Prevent My BBQ Grill From Ruining Food?

Preparation is the key to successful cooking on a barbecue grill, but there are several precautions you can take to keep your food from tasting like last week’s burnt hamburger:

Before cooking, run your grill for 10-15 minutes (or heat it), then all burner valves except one in the middle of the grill are closed. This way, you will have two temperature zones, one hot and one cooler.

This allows you to control your cooking temperature properly so that food does not burn on the outside yet remain raw in the center.

Preheat your grill grate for about 10 minutes to eliminate excess grease or oil that may have leaked into it during storage. Then scrub it with a stiff wire brush to remove any other residue before putting food onto it.

Before placing marinated meat onto an electric barbecue, coat the bars lightly with vegetable oil first because beef fat is very sticky and can clog up the grilling mechanism if left to accumulate over time.

When using a gas grill, do this by turning off the burners before placing the meat onto them and letting it cook with residual heat.

How Can I Keep My Grill From Smoking So Much?

Lighting a new gas grill for the first time produces smoke as residue from manufacturing is burned off, but you should notice less of it after that period is over. However, there are several precautions you can take to keep your barbecue smoking during cooking:

If propane is your fuel source for your grill, allow the tank to cool before changing tanks or checking the regulator control knob (valve).

Have plenty of ventilation available around and above your cooking area. A trickle vent along one side of a building or under an eave provides enough air to draw away most smoke. Always keep the lid open while cooking to help provide air circulation.

How Much Wood for a Pizza Oven?

The amount of the best wood for a pizza oven you will need for a fire in your pizza oven cooking depends on the size and type of grill in it. For example, in a gas fired-oven, most people will use about two pounds (1 kilogram) of good quality hardwood charcoal per hour.

In masonry or brick ovens with an insulated refractory dome that can retain heat like a kiln, you may only need to add one pound (500 grams) per hour for baking bread and roasting vegetables. To roast meats and poultry, we recommend 2-3 pounds (1 to 1 1/2 kilograms).

Which wood should you avoid in pizza ovens?

Burning wood from resinous woods such as pine, fir, spruce, or cedar will make your food taste like an indoor fireplace–not in a good way.

When burning wood in the oven to create the cooking fire, we recommend using fruit tree prunings and hardwood logs such as oak and maple to get the nice flavor in your pizzas and hearth-baked bread.

Woods with a high moisture content tend to put off more smoke than wood with less moisture. To keep your firewood at the ideal oven-baking temperature, it is best to use dry hardwood that has been properly seasoned or kiln-dried for at least six months.

Woods that are too dry or too green can make your food taste bitter. Remember that hickory is often the best wood for pizza oven -grilling meats. It has a delicate flavor similar to mesquite but without as much of an intense smoky taste.

Treated woods such as pressure treated, CCA (Copper Chrome Arsenic), and creosote wood should not be used at any time. They contain hazardous chemicals that will leach into your food and create unpleasant flavors.

How to Store Wood for Your Pizza Oven?

Never store cut wood inside your house, near a heat source, or in a stagnant place such as the garage where chemicals from the wood may build up and be dangerous.

When stacking firewood outdoors, always cover it to keep it dry and away from sunlight. Sunlight can degrade the materials in treated lumber faster than they would decompose when exposed to moisture and ultra-violet rays. If there is any sign of rot or mold growth on hardwood logs, you should discard them immediately.

How to Know if Firewood Is Seasoned?

Seasoned firewood has been dried for six months or more and will ignite and burn efficiently with less smoke. The end-grain of a piece of seasoned hardwood is much lighter in color than the bark and shows distinct rings like the growth rings on trees.

If your best wood for pizza oven is not seasoned correctly, it can make your food taste bitter.

The time of seasoning depends on the size of the firewood pieces. Small sticks and twigs dry in a few months, while logs need about one year per inch (2.5 centimeters) in diameter to season correctly.

External appearance is not always the best way to tell if firewood is dry. A firewood moisture meter can help you determine when the wood is ready to burn.

You can also split a log in half and look at the exposed end-grain. If it seems like an empty honeycomb, then it is seasoned. If there are dark spots or dark lines where the bark was, it has not been dried well enough for burning indoors.

If the cross-section of your firewood still shows green or airy circles inside after it has adequately seasoned, don’t use it in your hearth oven.

Wood smoke contains several hundred compounds that contribute flavor to grilled foods and barbecue sauces. The smoke flavors in wood pellets are different than flavors derived from smoking with chips and chunks of natural hardwood logs.

Cubies” or “eco-logs” are an environmentally friendly option for cooking with wood if you don’t mind the lack of flavor. Many people use them to add smoky flavor to foods without using real firewood.

Although they do not burn as hot as natural wood, they can be used in pizza ovens or outdoor masonry barbecue grills and smokers without causing a mess inside the oven chamber. As one of our customers recently said: “They’re like dust!”

The smell is another way to tell if the wood is seasoned. If it smells like a forest, then it probably has been oven-baked into something delicious.

Is Kiln-Dried Firewood the Best Wood for Pizza Oven?

Many people use kiln-dried wood because it is convenient and easy to light. You can order kiln-dried firewood online or purchase it at hardware stores, home improvement centers, and gas stations in most parts of the country. It is often less expensive than traditional seasoned firewood.

Although kiln-dried wood does not burn as hot as oven-baked hardwood, it works well for pizzas, bread, and other foods that require lower cooking temperatures.

If you are willing to sacrifice a few extra minutes on the cooking time, you can get by by using low-quality fuel in your pizza oven. Just make sure you use only clean, dry firewood without any type of filler or chemical preservatives added to it if you want to cook with it indoors.

The main advantages of oven-baked firewood are that it adds more flavor to foods, burns hotter for shorter periods, and costs less than kiln-dried wood. You can also cut your tree branches into smaller pieces or split larger logs with an ax to fit them inside the pizza oven chamber.

Your food will taste better when you use real firewood mixed with coals instead of manufactured “firelogs” made from recycled sawdust and cheap fillers such as wax, peanut shells, and waste from cotton mills.

Of course, you can mix several types of the best wood for pizza oven to increase the flavor, but do not use only one type of cooking fuel because it might burn too hot or not hot enough to cook all of your foods.

Some people use a kind of high-quality oven-baked hardwood for roasting and another type of lower quality firewood with a higher burning point for baking bread.

Why the Right Wood Matters When Using a Pizza Oven?

There is nothing like the flavor of food that is cooked over a real wood fire.When using an indoor wood-fired or charcoal oven, you should always use natural hardwood instead of “firelogs” made with wax, recycled sawdust, and other fillers.

Oven-baked hardwood burns hotter than kiln-dried logs, yet it cooks your food faster, too, because it releases more energy in less time when compared to manufactured logs.

You can cook bread, pizzas, bruschettas, and other foods for more extended periods without burning them if you cut your firewood into smaller pieces. The same principle applies to cooking on an outdoor grill using a gas burner instead of a charcoal burner.

Cooking with natural wood adds a unique flavor to foods that cannot be achieved from other types of cooking fuels.

Many commercial pizzerias use hardwood firewood with their outdoor pizza ovens for this reason, and you can too! Wood-fired ranges have been around for centuries because people love the taste it imparts on foods.


Can you use any of the best wood for pizza oven?

Many people use pure hardwood firelogs for cooking full-size pizzas, large loaves of bread, and other baked goods.

It is possible to use larger pieces of oven-baked wood if you cut them into smaller pieces, but this requires an experienced hand that knows what they are doing when working next to a hot pizza oven.

Do you need the unique best wood for pizza oven?

Some types of oven-baked or hardwood firewood work better than others for making pizzas and cooking other foods. The most popular woods for barbeque grills include oak, hickory, and fruit trees such as pecan and apple. These types of trees burn with a hotter flame that is ideal for roasting meats under your pizza oven dome.

Do I need to pay attention to the type of wood?

Yes! Although kiln-dried firewood works well for barbeques and outdoor ovens, you should always use natural hardwood when cooking with an indoor wood-burning pizza oven. You will taste the difference in your food because wood already contains many flavor elements before being harvested from the ground.

Why is wood-fired pizza better?

If you have not eaten wood-fired cooking before, you are missing out on one of the world’s healthiest forms of food preparation. Food cooked in an oven is more beneficial for you because it provides lower fat content when compared to deep frying.

Don’t get me wrong, I love fried foods too, but there are more ways to prepare your foods that are both healthy and tasty rather than deep frying everything in an oil vat. Try using the best wood for pizza oven. Its taste is sure to surprise you.

What kind of wood do you use for OONI pizza?

We use oak and fruit-bearing trees such as pecan, but we also mix in other types of wood to add complexity to the flavor. Using a wide variety of cooking fuels makes each pizza taste different depending on the best wood for pizza oven you used during its preparation.

How do you make a wood-fired pizza?

Other than using a wood-fired oven and natural hardwood, there is not much difference in the type of ingredients you would use for your regular pizzas. You can use fresh or dried herbs and spices to add flavor.

After the pizza dough rises properly, we roll it out by hand and place it on our specialized peel (paddle) that allows us to slide the dough into our hot dome without burning ourselves.

What is the best smelling firewood?

One of the smelling types of the best wood for pizza oven we have used for our ovens is Duraflame’s Natural Hardwood Firelogs which smell like a mixture of fruit and herbs when burning.

Another good one comes from Hearth & Home Technologies called DuraFlame Great Outdoors Firelog, which smells like butter-toasted bread with a hint of vanilla when burning.

Which is better, firewood, hickory, or oak?

In my experience, I have found that hardwood trees such as oak and hickory work best for pizza ovens because they burn hot and fast. Fruit trees burn more extended, which is good if you want a lower heat intensity but not so great if your pizzas are cooking in a matter of minutes.

Oak gives off a similar flavor to hickory, but it tends to be better suited for smoking meats such as turkey or ham instead of roasting them.

What kind of wood do professional pizza ovens use?

You will find many types of the best wood for pizza oven used by professionals, including cherry, apple, pecan, oak, and maple. Some oven owners like to mix these different flavors, while others prefer one type over another, depending on what kind of food they are cooking.

Final thoughts on Best Wood For Pizza Oven

The best wood for the pizza oven will help you create pizzas with the best flavor and character that few ovens can do.

So the next time someone tells you that there is a secret about wood-fired pizza ovens, please let them know that there are no secrets. Actual wood-fired cooking means cooking your food with natural hardwood to get the right flavor and heat intensity.

The type of wood used depends on what kind of food you are preparing, but I recommend oak or hickory because they burn hotter than other trees.

The key to making good use of your wood-fired pizza oven is using it for more than just cooking pizzas. Once you master the art of making delicious pies, feel free to try your hand at baking bread, roasting meats, or even making desserts like creme brulee!

Remember, don’t just settle for cooking pizzas in your brand new pizza oven; experiment with different recipes to discover what you are truly capable of!

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