Best fire bricks for pizza oven- Top Rated 2023

Best fire bricks for pizza oven- Top Rated 2023


Tips and Guides on Best fire bricks for pizza oven reviews in 2023

Are you looking for fire bricks for pizza oven !

If you’re looking for a way to make your favorite pizza and bread recipes more delicious, then fire bricks may be the answer. Fire bricks are designed to withstand high temperatures so they can be used as an oven liner.

If you live in an area with cold winters, this is especially helpful because it allows you to cook year-round without having the hassle of heating your oven each time. They also help maintain even heat distribution throughout cooking which is essential when baking bread and pizzas.

This blog post will go into more detail about fire brick options and how you can use them.

What are fire bricks for pizza oven?

Fire bricks are primarily known as insulating blocks made of heat-resistant materials. They are commonly used to line ovens to withstand very high temperatures up to 1000 degrees Fahrenheit, which makes them perfect for baking on.

If you’re wondering what these fire brick options are, they come in different shapes and sizes, depending on their intended use. One famous example is the half-moon-shaped fire brick that serves as an oven liner.

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How do I use fire bricks for pizza oven?

The first step is to make sure your fire brick is either new or clean before using it because dirt could cause problems with its insulation properties. If your fire bricks are dirty or cracked, replace them.

It’s also important to know where you plan on placing the fire brick in your oven. Ensure the area is not prone to smoke and heat because these could add unnecessary cleaning tasks for you later on.

Once it’s clean and properly placed, just layout your fire brick in the shape of a half-moon or cut it into any custom shapes that fit into your oven; you can also stack them if space is limited in your range.

Then all you have to do is place the baking sheet (with the dough, etc.) on top and bake like usual!


What materials are used for fire bricks for pizza oven?

Different types of fire bricks are made from other materials, including:

Clinkers: Most commonly found clinker firebricks are ceramic refractory bricks made primarily from clay and silica sand.

Lava: Lava firebricks are used in high-temperature insulation projects, including pipe flues, furnace linings, kiln partitions, and ovens.

Flux (Silica) – This common type is made of sand or rocks that contain little to no fluxing elements like feldspar. It also has less than 4% alumina.

Slag: Slag firebricks are made by adding ground granulated blast-furnace slag into the clinker mix, which gives it a dark gray color instead of the usual tan color of regular clinkers.

Why should I use fire bricks?

There are many reasons why you should consider using fire bricks in your oven’s liner:

  1. They offer superior insulation compared to other materials like cast iron and plain steel.
  2. They can withstand temperatures up to 3000 degrees Fahrenheit, which makes them perfect for baking.
  3. If you’re looking for a way to make pizza dough crispy, line your oven with fire bricks and bake the crust directly on top of them!

Now that you know what these fire brick options are and how to use them, there will be no limit to the type of pizzas and bread you can make! Just remember not to put anything flammable (like seeds or nuts) directly on top of the bricks because it could catch fire.

It would help if you also waited until your oven had reached its maximum cooking temperature before using the bricks.

Why are fire bricks great for pizza ovens?

The heat retention properties of fire bricks for pizza oven allow for a longer cooking time, important when you’re making a thicker crust pizza. They also help maintain even heat distribution throughout to keep your pizzas from getting burnt.

Pros and cons of using fire bricks


  • Fire bricks offer superior heat insulation.
  • You can evenly cook thicker crust pizzas because of their high heat retention abilities.
  • Baking directly on the bricks gives your pizza a nice crispy bottom crust.


  • If not adequately dried, fire bricks can hold water which could turn into steam and crack them over time. Water also leads to much higher chances that your oven will explode! Make sure you keep your oven-dry before adding the bricks inside.
  • Fire bricks are very fragile, so it’s essential to handle them with care when using or to handle them.

Best Fire Bricks for pizza ovens

There are many options when it comes to fire bricks, but they all come down to a few things:

What is the heat retention capacity of your fire brick? How thick is it? What is its insulation quality? Will it last long in high temperatures? And how much does it cost?

As a general rule of thumb, the more insulation your fire brick has, the more expensive it will be. But don’t worry because we’ve listed some affordable options here which perform just as well as the pricier ones!

Red Bricks: A popular option for oven liners because of their high insulation properties, they hold the heat very well and, at the same time, distribute it evenly throughout your oven. These bricks are especially great for thicker crust pizzas and bread.

Blue Bricks: They’re made using a special clay that’s designed to withstand high levels of heat, making them great for use in ovens and fireplaces.

The blue color comes from anthracite coal which is added to the clay mix. This type of brick offers good insulation qualities but is not as good as red bricks’ so if you plan on cooking thinner crust foods like pizza or want something faster, then go with red bricks.

White Fire Bricks: Like blue firebricks, white ones contain anthracite coal, giving them their white color and heat resistance properties. Because of their low cost, these are the best fire bricks for starting up your pizza oven!

Onyx Bricks: These are similar to blue bricks, but they’re not made with coal, so they don’t have that particular white color. They’re usually more expensive than blue ones but less than red bricks, which is why they make an excellent middle-range option.

Plus, if you want to get creative, onyx bricks can be painted any color, so you could even use them as decoration in your home!

Rutland Products Fire Brick for pizza oven

RUTLAND Firebox Bricks are an affordable and durable way to create your very own fireplace. This product can be used in place of old or broken bricks and lining fire pits outdoors where the temperature reaches up to 2700 degrees Fahrenheit!

The 9×4-1/2 x 1-inch size makes them perfect for any project that requires strength withstanding high temperatures. Six boxes come standard per order.


  • Withstands high temperatures up to 2700 ° F (1480 ° C)
  • Easy to use
  • Good heat retention


  • They are fragile if transported improperly

GIRtech USM Heavy Duty Fire Brick 2760 F

The GIRtech USM line of chamotte firebricks is the best for your heating needs. These bricks can be used in domestic furnaces, such as brick or steel furnaces and stoves, ceramic kilns (and blacksmiths) that need to withstand high temperatures up to 2760F without sustaining damage from chemical agents like oils or fuels!

You’ll also love their resistance properties: they’re ChemResistant+, Refractory+ against acids AND alkalis, meaning it won’t rust away either, so you don’t have to make replace them every few years with newer models when the time comes around again. Package Dimensions: 11 3/4″ x 10 1/2″ X 6 8″. Weight 24 Lbs.


  • Reach high temperatures up to 2760 ° F.
  • It can be used both indoors and outdoors
  • High temperature resistant


Shipping needs to be careful

US Stove Company FBP6E FireBrick for pizza oven

The US Stove Company FBP6E Firebricks are designed to withstand high temperatures and prolong the life of your wood or coal-burning stove. These 6-pack pumice bricks will need regularly replacing so that you can keep your home’s heating system performing at its most efficient level!

This product includes 4 1/2″ x 9″, 1 -inch thick layers (which is about as wide as they get!), which helps insulate against the extreme cold while retaining heat much more effectively than any other type ’til now’. You’ll be able to use these standard-size ones.


  • Suitable for many types of stoves
  • Light-weight
  • Easy to replace
  • High temperature resistant


  • Not suitable for outdoor use

Fire Heat Insulation Brick Lynn for pizza oven

The Fire Heat Insulation Brick Lynn is a great way to ensure that your pizza oven doesn’t become too hot. This brick will insulate the heat and keep it from damaging your bricks, mortar, or other materials around the stove.

The insulation brick is made of a particular type of material that offers excellent thermal protection from temperature fluctuations and radiant heat. It can be used for any wood-burning brick ovens such as those used by restaurants, pizzerias, bakeries, and more.

The insulation brick comes in size: 2,5″ x 4,5″ x 9″. They are durable enough to last for years if properly installed with firebrick mortar.



Fire Heat Insulation Brick Lynn is a type of insulating material used in conjunction with pizza ovens. It can withstand extremely high temperatures, has low thermal conductivity, and reflects heat well to provide stability for the brick and other materials being cooked on top of it like bread or meatballs!


Our fire bricks are the perfect solution for any pizza oven. Whether you’re a budding pro with an 1100 or 1500 square foot room, looking to save on your heating and cooling bills this winter season without sacrificing production qualities in the summer months, we have got just what you need!

Our options include packs that range from 1/2″ thick up through 12″. With ratings at 2300F-, 2600 F+, & 3000°F, Lynn brick can provide consistent heat retention over time – which means fewer interruptions during service hours; thanks once again.


Fire Heat Insulation Brick is lightweight and can be easily cut by hand tools like chisel or drill. They provide an optimal cooking experience for your pizza oven- the perfect material to insulate with!


Take your cooking to a whole new level with the Fire Heat Insulation Brick Lynn. With its sleek design and superior insulation, you’ll be able to reach perfect pizzas every time!

The fireproof material of this oven protects food while also being environmentally friendly since it’s free from harmful toxins like asbestos or other materials that would improve the pollution environment. Plus, wearing appropriate protective gear will keep any particulates at bay should they happen across an exposed surface area during use.

Withstands High Temperatures

Our lightweight IFB insulating refractory bricks are rated to withstand high temperatures and can be used in industrial kilns or as a replacement material on construction sites where there’s a danger of property damage due to fire-related accidents.

These sturdy Yet Lightweight materials will provide an excellent thermal barrier between your cooking foodstuff and its surrounding environment – whether that means warming up meal trays before serving them up at home (or even just making sure they’re safe while stored!).

Avoiding wasting time waiting around after hours when you need heat quickly but don’t want energy costs.

Insulating Fire Bricks for pizza oven Applications:

The fire brick is perfect for jewelry, as it can be easily drilled to fit your designs and has a smooth surface that will not mar finishes. The high heat of soldering makes this an excellent choice when you want the metal fastened together quickly without melting its delicate qualities!

The use of fire bricks in jewelry makes it possible to create elegant pieces that are beautiful and safe. PMC+ and PMC3 metal clay firing can be done on these surfaces with a butane torch, providing an additional level for creativity as well as safety when creating your next masterpiece!

Kilns for pottery makers, or just about anyone who needs to put fired clay on a shelf and keep it from leaking through the bottom.

Kiln for Pottery Making: Kiln Bricks can be found in many different sizes depending on the oven you have. For those without defective bricks but looking for an extra firebrick as a storage solution when not using their gas-burning stovetops at home (or even if one is being used), we offer these replacement pieces too!

Build a Mini Forge: The Insulating Fire Brick is an excellent material for building projects that require high temperature and long-lasting durability. It can be used to create a mini forge, allowing you to make knives with ease!


  • Excellent insulation.
  • There are many temperature ranges for you to choose from.
  • Lightweight makes it easy to shape as you want.
  • Safety for the user
  • Withstand high temperature.


  • Fragile so need to be careful when transporting

Insulating Fire Bricks for pizza oven 4 Piece Full Brick (9″ x 4.5″ x 2.5″) 2300F

Many pizza oven components are made out of fire bricks, which need to be insulated for proper cooking. Fire brick insulation can come in various types and thicknesses depending on the needs.

For instance, heavy-duty insulation will not allow heat to escape through the sides or bottom of the oven while also being able to withstand high temperatures without cracking. This type should be used if you plan on cooking at over 500 degrees Fahrenheit for more than an hour.

On the other extreme, thinner forms are great for lower-temperature applications like baking bread or cakes. These two types would not work well together because they have different heat tolerance levels and require additional installation methods!

If you’re looking to buy some fire brick insulation for your outdoor wood-burning oven, look no further! We have all of the materials you need to get cooking faster, better, and with an increased level of safety that will leave your customers talking about their fantastic experience for months after.

Insulating Fire Brick for Ovens is a four-piece full brick (9″ x 4.5″) made of alumina and silica, designed to withstand up to 2300°F/1260 °C so that you may use it as an effective tool when building stoves or furnaces with oven construction needs such as pizza makers who require insulation between their product and fire’s heat source.

Blacksmiths needing material at high temperatures without fear they will cause damage due Insulate Your Home From extreme Cold Spikes!

These durable refractory bricks work best by keeping foodstuffs warm during cold weather – making them perfect around your home, too where.


  • Withstands high temperatures up to 2300°F
  • Versatile use for many different applications


  • Soft and crispy pay attention when shipping

AMACO Insulating Fire Bricks for pizza oven

4 Piece Full Brick (9″ x 2.5″) 2300F For a truly unique fire brick, the insulating variety is an excellent choice to invest in when building your next oven.

They are great for this type of application in that they not only repel heat but also provide insulation between temperatures, ultimately resulting in food staying hotter longer.


  • Lightweight for easy maneuverability and installation.
  • Excellent insulation that does not crack easily even with high-temperature usage.


  • Soft and easily broken

Insulating FireBrick 9″ X 4.5″ X 2.5″ in (6 Pieces)

One of the best features of this product is that it can be used for a massive range of temperatures.

You do not have to worry about these bricks cracking or crumbling as you wait for your oven to heat up because they are designed with a high-temperature resistance that will ensure you get the right balance between insulation and durability.


  • Excellent insulation against all types of temperatures.
  • This brand can withstand higher temperatures above 2300°F without breaking down quickly.
  • The refractory material gives an even heating surface.


  • Not recyclable

Why you should be using fire bricks for pizza oven?

Retain heat better & release heat slower

This is because bricks contain voids in their structure which absorb heat and release it when needed. The same goes for drinking coldness when you want to turn off your oven or smoker. When the temperature drops, the brick will still retain some of its heat due to these holes.

Work great with dense foods.

Bricks are perfect if you want a nice thick crust on your pizzas! Even without cheese melted on top of it, the clay continues baking until all moisture has been cooked out of your food.

Less smoke

Depending on the material, some are less porous than others, which means less smoke will be produced when you cook with them. You can also use a heat deflector if your bricks aren’t doing their job well.

Not only for the oven

These aren’t just good for pizza ovens or commercial ones! You can use blocks around your starter forge or anything else that has high-temperature requirements. They do tend to loosen over time due to pressure, but it’s easy enough to slap some mortar back in place!

The proper way to install fire bricks

Before you get down and dirty, you need to make sure you know how to put these blocks correctly. To begin with, layout the bricks in an area where you want them to stay, with each layer no more than half a foot (15 cm) thick.

After that, start laying mortar around them and put them into place.

Be sure that everything is nice and sturdy before you move on to the next step! If there are any holes left, they can be filled up later on. Mix some mortar using sand once your blocks are fully set; it’ll give you sturdier bricks.

Look for quality materials.

This is very important if you want your oven/smoker to last longer than just one season, so look out for high-quality build materials. No matter how good the material is, they will eventually wear out, so make sure they’re replaceable so you can enjoy using your oven over and over again.

How many fire bricks for pizza oven do I need?

You will want enough blocks so that they all fit snuggly against each other, which means there should be less than 1/4 inch (6.35 mm) between them. It will allow even heat distribution, especially when mixed with sand or another substance that retains heat.

If you have a good amount of room around the block, you need to know how many spaces between blocks. For them to fit correctly, they need to be touching each other without leaving too much space in-between.

To figure out if your oven needs more or fewer blocks, do a little math! You would want the total thickness at the same level as the brickwork going up if it was a brick oven. So divide this by two and add 3/4 inch (1.91 cm) to it, so there’s some playroom when inserting new fire bricks.

Where to buy fire bricks for a pizza oven?

You can find them at almost any hardware store, some online stores, or even on Amazon. Many people tend to go with brick pads as they are easier to install, but it all comes down to preference, so you can choose whichever one suits your needs.


Do I need fire bricks for a pizza oven?

They’re essential for ovens and smokers because they retain heat which will help cook your food faster and more even. The blocks might warp after a few years, but you can always use mortar to fix them again.

What’s the best material?

Fire brick materials are varied, so there is no such thing as ‘the best. Though, they tend to be most efficient when made out of silica, alumina, and ferric oxide.

How do I clean fire bricks?

You need to wash them with warm water until all residue falls off, then let it dry before putting it back into action. You can also scrub any extra dirt or burnt particles using a wire brush or steel wool.

Do I need insulation around my bricks?

No, you don’t just make sure they’re all touching, allowing for an even heat distribution. If you feel like using insulation, it should be placed on the outside of the fire bricks to avoid any airflow.

Can I use them in outdoor ovens?

Yes, but depending on what material your blocks are made out of, they might get damaged by the weather after too long, so take good care of them! To protect them from moisture and corrosion.

How old do my bricks need to be before I can use them?

It won’t affect anything if they’re brand new or have been sitting around collecting dust for a little while. The only thing that matters is that they are still sturdy, are the right size, and have some insulation.

Can I put my bricks in the oven?

Yes, you can, but it’s not recommended. Please make sure they’re fire bricks so they won’t break when being used for this purpose!

You can set them on a baking or pizza stone but make sure there’s some space between them because heat distribution will be different depending on how close together everything is. That way, you’ll get an even roast no matter what type of food you decide to cook.

How many fire bricks do I need for a pizza oven?

You need no exact number since most ovens are built differently, but the more you use, the faster they’ll heat up! The blocks don’t need to touch each other, but they need to be set at an angle instead of flat. Ensure there’s enough room for air to flow underneath them, or your food will take longer to cook.

Some people like adding insulation, too, which is entirely okay if it doesn’t block any airflow. If not, you risk your oven becoming inefficient and won’t produce great results when being used.

Final thoughts on fire bricks for pizza oven

As you can see, buying new fire bricks for pizza oven is not cheap so consider it an investment. Make sure they’re the right size and material for your needs, though, so you won’t have to suffer through any issues while using them! For more fire brick information, check out this page.

It’s full of valuable tips on how to get the most out of yours and what kinds are best suited for which type of cooking!

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