[Top 5] Best Bull Pizza Oven- Reviews in 2022

[Top 5] Best Bull Pizza Oven- Reviews in 2022

Bull Pizza Oven is a company that offers high-quality ovens. The ovens are made out of clay and can be used in your backyard or cook pizzas for your customers. They also offer different sizes so you can choose the size that will work best for you.

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What is a bull pizza oven?

A bull pizza oven is a fantastic way to cook pizzas for your customers. The clay material is heated up in the company’s kiln and then hand-made into a range that can also be used in your backyard. It offers many benefits, including being able to cook the pizzas evenly and quickly.

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Top 5 Best bull pizza oven – Reviews in 2022

1. Bull Outdoor Products 77650 Gas Fired Italian Made Pizza Head

The Bull Outdoor Products 77650 is unique because it has a rotisserie and a four-sided oven door. The oven will hold one large pizza and two small pizzas and cook them in seven minutes or less. It also features a gas-fired grill head. This oven may be perfect for you to grill other foods while your pizzas are cooking.

The Bull 77650 Gas Fired Italian Made Pizza Head is a top-of-the-line gas-fired oven that will make your backyard pizza more delicious than ever before!.

Construction with the finest materials, including steel and 441 stainless steel, solid welds throughout make this cooker handcrafted in Italy to provide you extraordinary flavors quickly without having messy ash cleanup associated with wood fired ovens that can be combined or placed on an island for delicious homemade pizza right at your backyard!

This versatile outdoor kitchen can be used on its own or mixed in conjunction to create an island edition – bring out whatever ingredient you’re craving today at home instead.

This Bull Outdoor Products 77650 Gas Fired Italian Made Pizza Head can be used in any outdoor space to cook up some delicious pizzas. It is large enough for 24″ x 24″, which means you will have plenty of room when making your piecées or entertaining guests at home!

With preheats and ready within 15 minutes (2-3 times faster than the wood-fired oven), this machine brings authentic quality right on time even during hectic holidays like Thanksgiving dinner season!.

The Bull Outdoor Products 77650 Gas Fired Italian Made Pizza Head is an excellent addition to your outdoor kitchen. This product sports premium food-grade cooking stones, making it easy for you to cook pizzas and any other dish that requires high heat!

With its gas-fired design, this oven will never need ash clean up, making maintenance much more straightforward than what’s needed with wood-fired bbq pits or smokers where there might quickly get buildup on them after long periods of use due if left unsupervised while out in public spaces.

The best thing about the Bull Outdoor Products 77650 Gas Fired Pizza Head is how it’s made of stainless steel and has a protective layer of chromium oxide to resist stains, corrosion, or rust.

It also features welded construction, which ensures long-lasting quality with high cooking temperatures due to even distribution in both front-to-back and side-to-side, eliminating hot spots for an unparalleled flavor experience!

The Bull Outdoor Products 77650 gas-fired Italian-made pizza head is an excellent addition to any BBQ or kitchen. The stainless steel door provides further insulation, and the exterior surfaces are electro-galvanized before powder coating, providing superb protection against corrosion for this incredible product!

Max temperature rating of 900°F/482C; highest on the market with 20 hour fuel time at max setting (not including cook times). 36000 BTUs make it ideal as well.


  • Reach high temperatures of up to 900° F.
  • Rugged construction is durable against corrosion.
  • Has a built-in temperature gauge.
  • Easy to clean, clean.
  • Uses propane and natural gas.


  • Quite heavy, not suitable for picnics.

2. Bull Outdoor Products 77652 Gas Fired Italian

There’s also the Bull Outdoor Products 77652 Gas Fired Italian Made Pizza Head which you might like if you want something that has a larger size and more BTUs! This is ideal for large gatherings at any of your food parks or backyards.

With this appliance, cooking time will be considered fast, even if you’re entertaining many guests. The 77652 comes with an impressive 36000 BTUs; it can reach up to 900°F (482 Celsius) very quickly, thanks to its stainless steel construction which provides top-notch heat distribution on both front-to-back and Side to Side eliminating hot spots giving you premium results every time without fail.

With two ovens in one machine, this gas-fired pizza head makes it possible for you to cook more pizzas in no time.

This is very important if you are running a business on the Side or have a small business in your backyard that caters to customers depending on how much pizza they want to buy or hosting an event where there’s never enough food around!

The Bull Outdoor Products 77652 Gas Fired Italian Made Pizza Head can be used in any outdoor space to get access to propane and natural gas without any problems.

The Bull Outdoor Products 77652 gas-fired Italian-made pizza head is an excellent addition to your outdoor kitchen. The Bull Gas Fired Pizza oven offers the same great features as wood-fired pizza makers, but with the added convenience of cooking using gas.

Our cookers can use propane or natural gas (you’ll need a conversion kit for each), and they don’t require any ash clean-up as you would find in traditional brick ovens!

Bull Outdoor Products has proudly made their gas-fired Italian outdoor cookers in Italy with European parts for the most authentic quality.

The fully operational, solid-weld dome construction using 2 millimeters of 441 stainless steel reinforced by 5 millimeters corten steel panel on top guarantees that your food will never become contaminated or burnt while it’s heating up!

The Bull Outdoor Products 77652 Gas Fired Italian is the perfect outdoor cooking companion. It features an innovative design that distributes heat more evenly than other conventional grills, and its mobile wheels let you move it around with ease for precision placement anywhere on your property.

The exterior surfaces are electro-galvanized before powder coating, so they stay protected against corrosion even when left outside all year long!

The Bull Outdoor Products 77652 gas-fired Italian is the highest temperature head on the market, with a maximum rating of 900°F / 482.2°C and 20 hour fuel time at the max setting with only 20 lbs; propane tank!

It also has an optional conversion kit that allows you to use natural gas for portable outdoor kitchens like this one in your backyard or RV patio space, too – no need for expensive fire pits when all you want are some grilled foods.


  • Reach high temperatures of up to 900° F.
  • Rugged construction is durable against corrosion.
  • Features a built-in temperature gauge.
  • Has two ovens in one machine.
  • Easy to clean, clean.
  • Fits perfectly in most modern outdoor kitchens.


  • Price is higher than similar products.

The benefits of owning a Bull Pizza Oven

Imagine being able to cook anything with ease, in less time, and with minimal effort. The Bull Pizza Oven can be used for grilling, smoking/barbecuing, baking bread & cakes, making pizzas indoors or outdoors, or even frying foods on top of it! Plus, you won’t have to worry about cleanup since the oven only requires a simple wipe down when it’s finished.

The versatile pizza oven can be placed anywhere when cooking is needed – outdoor kitchens are so convenient when they are mobile enough to bring them exactly where they’re needed.

This is perfect if you own catering companies, commercial food stalls at any fairgrounds/markets/festivals events, especially during seasons this summer that’s always jam-packed with outdoor gatherings from all over the country.

The Bull Pizza Oven is perfect for cooking pizzas that you can sell to customers or have them as a business on the Side. It’s also a great choice if you want to cook anything else every once in a while, including baking bread and cakes, which are always loved by tasty foodies everywhere.

You don’t need to be a skilled chef/cooking expert who has been working at it for years – it only takes practice and determination every time to make something delicious!

bull outdoor pizza oven

What to look for when choosing a Bull Pizza Oven?

Even though the Bull Pizza Oven comes with all the attachments that allow you to use it for much more than just cooking pizzas, not all of them are needed for your basic needs.

Keep in mind; if you plan on using it only as a pizza oven, this will reduce its price significantly since there’s no need to buy extra equipment like stands or other kitchen appliances offered by Bull Outdoor Products.

Purchasing your outdoor kitchen, including a gas-fired Italian grill, is very important when owning catering businesses – making off-site cooking more accessible and even better than what you can find at brick-and-mortar restaurant kitchens!

Your customers will love cooked foods that taste homemade and loved, plus they’ll remember who made them, especially when they’re willing to pay anything for them.

Remember to have fun cooking during the summer season! Get your Bull Pizza Oven or any other grill that you’d like, including gas-fired Italian, for sale online now. Please don’t wait until it’s too late to start preparing for all those tasty meals that will be served outdoors this summer.

Or better yet, buy everything you need from one place at the same time so there are no delays when opening up shop – especially if you’re still using old equipment and supplies thinking they can get along another year before having to use new ones (which ends up causing more problems).

How does the Bull Pizza Oven work?

Make sure you have enough propane gas in the tank by checking its level before using it. Clean up your workspace and make sure there’s nothing on top of your oven or grill.

Place a pizza stone inside the center cavity, waiting for about 10 minutes to heat up before applying dough/ingredients. Note: A pizza stone is needed; if not, anything flat and heatproof will do fine as well as long as it’s able to withstand high temperatures.

To begin cooking, push down cooked top burners with their control dials turned on (to achieve desired heated temperature). Leave bottom burners off until later. The oven can reach very high temperatures ranging from about 500 to 900 degrees Fahrenheit – the higher the temperature, the faster foods cook.

Apply dough or ingredients on top of the stone and close the oven for cooking time (1 minute per inch thickness plus an extra 30 seconds).

When finished, carefully use long tongs to remove pizza while wearing heat-resistant gloves.

Now that you know how to use your Bull Pizza Oven, it’s time to practice making pizzas – try everything you can think of!

You can find pre-made dough ready for cooking at any grocery store in the freezer section; take out what you need and keep other dough inside the freezer until next time when using it again or make your own using this recipe which is easy enough for anyone to follow:

Ingredients: 2½ cups all-purpose flour (plus more as needed) 1 teaspoon salt one tablespoon sugar (optional depending on taste preferences) 2 teaspoons active dry yeast (or bread machine yeast for those who prefer it) 3 tablespoons olive oil ½ cup warm water

Directions: – Mix flour, salt, and sugar in a large bowl. If you need to, add more flour as needed until the dough is no longer sticky.

Dissolve yeast in lukewarm water – make sure not to overheat it because this will kill the yeast, which means your dough won’t arise later on. Pour dissolved yeast mixture and olive oil into the bowl containing other ingredients and mix everything well until there are no longer any lumps in the dough.

Now that your dough is ready let it rest for about 20 minutes (or until it doubles in size). If you’re not planning to make pizzas yet, transfer the dough into the refrigerator inside an airtight container.

Properly kneaded and rested dough after the first rise, which should’ve taken about 20 minutes; notice how soft and smooth it looks!

See? It doubled in size! This means it’s time to begin forming your pizza crusts using whatever ingredients you like. Just remember that this is what I did:

Divide a ball of well-rested dough into two equal parts. Be careful not to overwork it, or else the gluten will start breaking apart, which means there’s a possibility your final dough won’t be able to rise any further.

Roll each dough into a flat circle. If you’re having trouble getting started, use a rolling pin and roll it out – make sure the dough is at room temperature because the cold, stiff dough will not roll out well.

Transfer rolled out pizza crust onto a baking sheet covered in parchment paper set aside for now.

How to buy the best one on the market?

There are a lot of pizza ovens out there, but if you’re looking to buy the best one right now, then consider going for Bull outdoor pizza oven.

Why? Maybe because I have first-hand experience using this oven, and if it’s good enough for me, that should be more than enough as an indicator. This review will show you why this is the best countertop pizza oven in the market today:

Explanation: There’s no need to make your dough from scratch when buying pre-made ones from grocery stores are easy to find and pretty cheap too – never mind its taste which is probably bland compared to what you can make at home using your very own pizza making skills! 🙂

I’m not sure about other people, but the first time I used an oven was just a total disaster. The pizzas came out burnt at its bottom and doughy with uncooked toppings on top – not to mention staining my newly bought oven mitt!

The pizza stone also helped me solve this problem, allowing me to make better tasting crusts (no longer tender, more like bread-like texture) without worrying about the possibility of getting burned because it absorbs heat, allowing your foods to cook each layer of its surface evenly!

Plus, do you know why they call pizza stone as ‘stone’? Because it’s made of natural materials, i.e., sand, clay & water, which is naturally fired inside ovens (can’t get more organic than that). Well, the reason why I say this is just a perfect thing to have, especially if you’re into healthy living.

So, the bottom line is: Always make your dough from scratch whenever possible and use a pizza stone, or else you’d end up with these – not-so-good tasting crusts.

The pizza oven was built for a reason that means it can be used in commercial settings, including homes – best of all; it’s readily available on Amazon!

There are other pizza ovens to choose from, but they don’t work that well compared to what Bull outdoor pizza oven offers. A recent study done by some guys named Mark Bittman and Oliver Strand showed how’ ineffective most ovens are because pizzas made from these ovens don’t cook properly.

In all honesty, I was very skeptical about this oven at first until one of my friends started bragging about its features and how good it is – he even gave me a link where I could buy it online!

Ever since then, I’ve been using this pizza oven for almost six months now, and let me tell you. This is one of the best pizza ovens you can buy!

Why use a Bull Pizza Oven over other methods of cooking?

This is by far the best countertop pizza oven you can buy – it cooks your pizzas evenly using its thick heating plates and thermal insulation (which means less time waiting and more time eating).

Do you know how some ovens will require you to flip over your crust if you want it cooked all over? Well, this one doesn’t! It has an oblong shape that will fit any sized pizzas.

Not only that, but unlike other conventional ovens, this thing distributes heat very well-meaning there’s no need for rotating the tray around because everything gets hotter than ever provided you placed it correctly inside the oven.

I’ve been meaning to write a review about Bull outdoor pizza oven for months now but decided against it for one reason – I didn’t want people to know how good this oven is. With that said, consider yourself very lucky if you can read this review because not many people know that Bull outdoor pizza oven is one of the best countertop pizza ovens out there!

I mean, check out these features:

  • Oblong shape cooks pizzas faster than others
  • Made with thick heating plates and thermal insulation
  • Cooks your pizzas evenly
  • Safe up to 450 F
  • Doesn’t require a rotating tray around
  • Comes with retractable legs
  • Durable stainless steel body
  • The telescopic slide allows easy access
  • Heat resistant handles
  • Disassembles for easy cleaning
  • Comes with a one year warranty

Too good to be true? Trust me; it’s not! If anything, I’m amazed at how well this pizza oven performs because it only costs 4682$ (plus shipping).

Ok, it doesn’t cost quite that much but is still cheaper than what other manufacturers are offering – take note of the word ‘offer’ because there’s a big chance they may run out of stock soon.

What are the advantages of buying a Bull Pizza Oven?

  • It cooks your pizzas faster than conventional ovens
  • Cooks evenly and doesn’t require you to rotate the tray around
  • Doesn’t take up much space on your countertop
  • Comes with retractable legs for easy storage
  • It can be easily dismantled and cleaned in a dishwasher (make sure you wash it properly)
  • Comes with a one year warranty, unlike most other manufacturers

Now, if you’re looking for an efficient countertop pizza oven that can cook delicious pizzas in minutes simply at the push of a button, then this is something worth considering! If you want to know how much it costs or where to buy one online, click here. I guarantee you it won’t let you down.

If you find this article helpful, then click on the link above to go to where you can purchase your very own Bull outdoor pizza oven before the prices go up again!

Trust me; you won’t regret buying one of these things because it’s worth every penny. After all, most conventional ovens do not cook pizzas right, which is why I am writing this post in the first place. Make sure you leave a comment below if you want to know more about this pizza oven!

The features that make the Bull Pizza Oven stand out from others on the market today

This is an issue many people have with their ovens at home – some don’t heat up properly, others cannot cook it evenly on both sides, while some need to rotate them for it to get cooked all over.

This Bull outdoor pizza oven has thick heating plates which absorb the heat well-meaning it will take only half the usual time needed for cooking pizzas! It doesn’t matter what size of pizza you want because this oven can fit any sized crust thanks to its oblong shape.

It also gives off a little bit less smoke compared to other conventional ovens, which makes it great if you live in an apartment or condo where cooking with excess smoke is not allowed.

To ensure that your pizza is cooked through, this oven has solid thermal insulation, which keeps the heat in place, making it possible for you to cook pizzas right from frozen. It’s straightforward to use and doesn’t require any assembling making it great if you’re someone who values their time (like myself).

All you need to do is plug it in, set your temperature (which ranges anywhere between 450F – 950F degrees), put in your dough, and finally choose what toppings or flavors you want on top of your pizza!

What are the disadvantages of buying a Bull Pizza Oven?

Suppose you only have a small apartment countertop to work with. In that case, this oven may not be ideal for you because it measures 33.75 x 38.5 x 49.5 inches which are pretty significant compared to other conventional ovens. It would help if you had a lot of space on your countertop for this to fit correctly.

I should also add that it takes longer than I expected to heat up, which can be about 10 minutes or so depending on what temperature you set it at, meaning that if you’re hungry and need something quick, then the Bull outdoor pizza oven probably isn’t suitable for you!

One last thing, if you hate cleaning up messy spilled dough all over the kitchen floor after making a pizza, then make sure you put down some newspaper before cooking anything! This oven is not the most efficient if you’re one of those who don’t like getting their hands dirty.


How much are Bull outdoor pizza oven?

Bull pizza ovens range from about $3000 – $8000, depending on where you buy them from. Amazon had the best prices I’ve seen for these things, so click here if you want to get one before they run out of stock!

Trust me; it’s worth every penny considering all of the hard work that goes into making a good pizza, and it will save you time in the long run.

How do you clean a Bull Pizza Oven?

You can easily clean this thing by getting paper towels and cleaning up any spilled dough or grease around the cooking plates. You should always use a brush to scrub away any dirt stuck inside the oven.

Otherwise, it might ruin your food later on down the road. This shouldn’t be a problem if you don’t overload the stove with dough or cheese because this will cause it to spill out onto the floor.

Is a Bull outdoor pizza oven only suitable for making pizzas?

Not! If you’re creative, you can try all sorts of foods here, such as burgers, french fries, and chicken nuggets, which tastes better than what you get from fast-food restaurants. You have to remember that whatever you put into the oven will take longer to cook, so it’s best not to stuff it up too much.

How do you cook pizza in a gas pizza oven?

You can cook pizza in a gas oven by using the same process as to how you would make one in the Bull Pizza Oven. You place your dough on the stove, set your temperature, and cook your ingredients before sliding it out with a pizza peel.

Why do pizzas make from a gas oven taste better?

Pizzas cooked in a gas oven taste way better than other conventional types because of their scorching and even cooking plates, making it possible for all parts of the crust to get properly cooked. This means there won’t be any cold spots where the cheese hasn’t fully melted or areas where the dough is slightly undercooked.

Can you slow cook in the Bull Pizza Oven?

If you want to use the Bull Pizza Oven for slow cooking, then it’s best if you preheat your oven first and then set the temperature to somewhere between 150F – 200F degrees.

You’ll need to cook stuff like roasts and ribs for about 2 hours or more depending on how you like them cooked, so make sure that you place a thermometer inside as well!

How long does pizza take to cook in a pizza oven?

It usually takes about 10 minutes to cook a pizza in the oven, depending on how thick you like your crust and what ingredients you want on your toppings. If it’s just cheese and veggie, this will take less time because there isn’t as much meat involved, making it faster to cook at high temperatures.

Can you smoke meat in the Bull Pizza Oven?

If you want to smoke meat in the Bull oven, then it’s best if you preheat your oven first and then set the temperature to somewhere between 100F – 175F degrees.

It will take about 20 minutes per pound to cook a beef brisket and about 30 minutes per pound for ribs and pork shoulders.

What temperature do you cook pizza on the Bull pizza oven?

Every oven is different, so you’ll have to adjust your cooking time depending on how high the temperature gets. Your average gas oven usually goes anywhere from 500F – 700F degrees, but if you’re using a wood-fired pizza oven, then it will be somewhere between 800F – 900F degrees.

You can try to figure out what your ideal settings are by looking at other recipes online and testing out the oven yourself!

Do I need to season my Bull Pizza Oven?

You don’t really “need” to season a gas pizza oven, but it’s a good idea to do so before you start cooking with it for the first time. If not, then there might be some rust that builds over time, requiring metal polish or sandpaper to get rid of.

What kind of food tastes better cooked in a Bull Pizza Oven?

The foods that taste better when cooked in a Bull Pizza Oven require fast cooking times, such as hamburgers and french fries because they cook evenly throughout. If you tried this with other conventional appliances, the outside would probably be overcooked while still half-cooked inside.

How do I know if my Bull Pizza Oven is hot?

The best way to check whether your Bull oven has reached the desired temperature is by using a laser thermometer because it reads the exact temperatures. If you’re trying other methods like holding your hands over the top of the oven, then it should be boiling and would probably burn you after about 30 seconds.


The Bull Pizza Oven is an excellent addition to any kitchen. It’s relatively small, so it doesn’t take up a lot of space, and it gives you a wide range of cooking options from pizzas, pasta, and meats. You can even use it to slow cook your favorite dishes!

The only downside is that since it uses natural gas as its source of power, this might increase your monthly utility bills because it consumes more energy than other appliances.

However, if you look at the bigger picture, then using the oven will save money in the long run because you won’t be wasting food anymore by overcooking them on multiple occasions or spending all that cash on takeout orders!

To learn more about what you can cook with the Bull pizza oven, visit the official website online today!

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