Mimiuo pizza oven reviews – Top Rated Oven 2022

Mimiuo pizza oven reviews – Top Rated Oven 2022

Mimiuo pizza oven is an innovative kitchen appliance that lets you cook delicious pizza in just 3 minutes. The oven was designed by engineers and chefs who wanted to give people a quick, easy, and healthy way to make their favorite food at home.

With Mimiuo, there’s no need for dough or preheating – place your favorite ingredients into the oven tray and close the lid. This allows for more flavor because all of the toppings are evenly spread out on top of each other.

This oven can work with you no matter what type of diet you follow (vegan, gluten-free, Paleo)!


What is the mimiuo pizza oven kit?

The Mimiuo oven is a kitchen appliance that uses high-temperature superconductors to cook pizza in just three minutes. It’s ideal for those on low-carb, vegan, gluten-free, and paleo diets who can’t have traditional crusts because of allergies or dietary restrictions.

When the lid is closed, the ingredients inside are heated from all sides at once, so all parts of your pizza will be cooked at roughly the same time.

Best mimiuo pizza oven reviews- Top Rated fired pizza oven 2022

If you’re looking for the perfect pizza oven, mimiuo has two great product lines to help customers make their decisions easier. With detailed reviews on every one of them, we have narrowed down our top pick so that everyone can find what they need!

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Mimiuo Portable Gas Pizza Oven ( Tisserie G-Oven Series )

The Mimiuo Tisserie G-Oven Series is a high-quality gas pizza oven that’s perfect for home use. With an automatic rotation grilling system, it can cook up huge pizzas in no time at all!

This model has dimensions of 27″ x 17″ x 10″, so you’ll have plenty of space on your countertop and only 38 pounds to carry around with the unit itself, making this ideal. The bottom line: This sleek-looking machine can make you tasty pizzas without all the work!

The G-Oven Series Portable Gas Pizza Oven is made with high-quality stainless steel & food grade anti-scalding material. The oven has double-layer temperature control, creating an even cooking environment for your pizza.

Everything you need to cook delicious pizzas in 4 minutes or less comes with the oven, including one 13 inch stone, one peeler, glider tongs, and more!

The Tisserie G-Oven Series Gas Pizza Oven is a unique product with an automatic rotation grilling system. It has a specially designed gas burner with safety features to control the flame. The oven can grill up to 16 pizzas in an hour and is perfect for cooking delicious, high-quality pizzas in just 4 minutes!

The mimiuo oven is a household BBQ device that was designed for outdoor cooking and baking. The difference between the gas oven and the electric one (the Tisserie) is that it has an automatic rotation grilling system with a specially designed gas burner to control the flame temperature.

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Double-wall Ceiling

The double-wall, thermos like the design of mimiuo pizza ovens, means they do a better job maintaining an even temperature throughout. This is achieved by keeping the hot air inside while simultaneously circulating cool outside air to maximize heat retention and minimize cooks time for your pizza!

Huge Flame Intensity Control Knob

The mimiuo pizza oven is an excellent addition to your home. It can be preheated with the flame intensity knob, which you control so that it’s easy and convenient! With this device, there are no more worries about undercooked or burning pizzas because of its clever design in temperature regulation for superior results every time.

Controllable Rotation System

Imagine a pizza oven that doesn’t need you to monitor it and turn it on; just set the time! The mimiuo rotating system automatically does this for your convenience.

It also has an automatic timer, so there are no more burnt pizzas in sight thanks to its precise control of heat distribution throughout the baking chamber as well as exterior walls.”

Super Fast Baking

The Mimo Pizza oven is a cutting-edge, high-temperature pizza maker that can prepare authentic Neapolitan pizzas in just 60 seconds.

The sleek and stylish device takes 10 minutes for its 500°F/932 °C internal heating process (10% faster than traditional wood-fired brick ovens) before reaching your desired toppings heat level – all without releasing any harmful emissions into the atmosphere!


  • Products with durability and long life
  • Automatic rotation system for easy baking
  • Lightweight and portable design makes it easy to transport
  • Easy to clean
  •  Reach high temperatures up to 500 in just 20 minutes


  • No built-in thermometer

Mimiuo Portable Wood Pellet Pizza Oven with 13″ Pizza Stone & Foldable Pizza Peel 

The Mimiuo Classic W-Oven Series is a perfect addition to any kitchen. This 28″ x 20 5/8×10 6 inch pizza oven can cook up pizzas in just minutes with its patented technology, featuring an innovative design that’s both economical and efficient!

The item weighs 30 pounds, so it needs at least two people for assembly, but once together, you’ll have all the required fuel as well as space on your countertop ready for new dishes or snacks while watching those delicious pies get baked right before your eyes.

However, they’re easy enough if only one person wants them done quickly because of these things.

The Tisserie portable oven series is a fully programmable oven that makes pizza baking more accessible than ever! With the built-in automatic timer, you can set it to turn on at specific times so that your pizza bakes perfectly every time.

It’s made with 100% stainless steel and food-grade nonstick material for healthier results and a lighter-weight design for easy portability. The rotating tray ensures baking throughout while delivering an authentic wood-fired taste thanks to its high-temperature insulation technology.

The G-Oven Series Pizza Oven with Wood Pellet Heat is a top-of-the-line pizza oven, great for cooking delicious pizzas. It has a double-layer temperature control system, creating an even cooking environment for your pizza. The stove comes complete with one 13 inch stone, one peeler, glider tongs, and more!

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Portable Design with Foldable Legs

When you need to cook for many people, the Mimiuo Classic W-Oven Series – Wood Pellet Pizza Oven is what we recommend. This portable design ensures that it will fit anywhere and can be taken outside quickly!

The foldable legs also mean there’s no storage problem when not in use because they collapse down lengthwise into themselves, so nothing stands up against your other belongings or trips over anything while out on decking space outdoors (or wherever else).

Fuel – Wood Chips Or Wood Pellet

Mimiuo makes it easy to cook delicious pizzas in your home. Both wood chips and pellet fuel can be used with Mimiuo. Still, we recommend using the pellets for better baking results when cooking at higher temperatures (about two-thirds of a cartridge).

You’ll want some middle-sized metal spatulas or tweezers, too, because they are perfect tools while basting during different stages! And don’t forget–wear BBQ gloves if you plan on getting messy.

Rapid Preheating & 1 Minutes Baking

The Mimiuo Classic W-Oven Series is the perfect solution for those who want a quick, delicious pizza that’s cooked just right. This oven can heat up to 500℃/932℉ in 10 minutes and will have your pie ready with an authentic Neapolitan style 60 seconds later!

To get started, you need only keep the chimney cap open while preheating, so it’s as easy-breezy cooking from here on out – no more waiting around until things are hot enough.


  • Durability and long product life
  • Lightweight and portable design is easy to carry for outdoor picnics
  • Easy installation with just a few simple steps
  • Quick preheat in just 10 minutes
  • Easy to clean


  • No built-in temperature gauge

Other Customer Reviews

This oven works great! We had a couple of issues with shipping, but customer service was beneficial and sent replacement parts immediately. It takes quite a bit longer to heat up than my old oven – about 15 minutes vs. 10 minutes for the old one.

But I love the size of the W-oven series. Much bigger than my old oven, which means more room on top for toppings!! And it’s easier to carry around since it’s lighter too.

My new Foldable Stainless Steel Pizza Peel & 13″ Cookie/Pizza Stone helped get pizzas in and out of the oven safely too! I’d recommend this oven if you plan to do much pizza making in your home kitchen!

The W-Oven Series mimiuo pizza oven outdoor is well worth the price & more. As well as being able to cook inside/outside, it heats up in little time and cooks evenly without much tending to it at all. Plus, clean-up is a breeze compared to many other ovens I’ve used in the past.

It’s perfect for my family gatherings, where we sometimes have 30+ people show up. No problem getting them all fed even when they’re ravenous because this oven works so quickly. I’m thinking about buying another one just like it since everyone else loves this oven so much too.

This is an excellent product. If you want to cook pizza in your backyard, poolside, camping, etc., this oven is for you! It cooks the pizza so well and fasts too; it’s also quite large – more than capable of cooking 3-4 pizzas at once quickly.

In summary: whether you’re searching for a solution that makes outdoor pizza baking easier or you’re looking for a cost-effective alternative to constantly ordering take-out, this oven is worth the investment!

This durable little unit is great for heating up quickly and cooking like you’ve paid top dollar at your favorite brick oven pizzeria. I love how its fold-down legs make it compact enough to store easily while not in use, and we thank Mimiuo customer service for their timely support too.

FAQ about Mimiuo pizza oven

Is it easy to install?

It’s actually very lightweight, and the legs easily fold down, so you can pull it out of your storage area when you want to use it!

What fuel is recommended for this oven?

We recommend using the pellets for better baking results when cooking at higher temperatures (about two-thirds of a cartridge).

How long does it take to preheat?

With the chimney open, you only need about 10 minutes before your pizza is ready to cook! The oven will turn off automatically when it reaches 500℃/932℉.

If you want to cook at lower temperatures for slower cooking times, use fewer fuel pellets in the metal box and place a lit candle under the oven while the lid’s closed so everything stays hot & smoking.

What can I bake besides pizza?

Any pieces of bread, pastries, or other foods that don’t have liquid content work well because this oven heats up so fast! You can also simmer sauces while your dough rises, too, if you want to add extra flavor.

How long do I cook my pizza?

For crispy crusts, cooking times are around 2 minutes on the upper rack on full heat and between 3-5 minutes when cooked on lower temperature settings. The key is to keep your top rack low, so you get maximum airflow under it, so your toppings & cheese brown nicely!

Final thoughts on mimiuo pizza oven reviews

Mimiuo’s pizza oven is a great way to make delicious homemade pizzas the next time you need to feed many people. The oven can reach high temperatures in no time, and it’s easy to assemble, lightweight, and portable! It doesn’t take up much storage space when not in use, and best of all, clean-up is fast too!

It was about time we wrote some mimiuo pizza oven reviews – we’ve been using this product for almost six months now, and we highly recommend it! We haven’t had any problems with our oven after cooking dozens of pizzas on it (we’ve cooked twice as many outside than inside, though)!

So if you’re looking for an alternative to your standard oven or want something more convenient for your outdoor cooking, this one’s a good investment that’ll last you a long time.

If you have any questions regarding minimum oven reviews or have something to add, please leave us a comment below.

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